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What Is Your Physical Health Worth?

This is a question I have often wondered in my own health journey and as I have helped people create their health plans. Our physical health value is not wrapped up in a number on a weight scale or a list of lab values you receive from a yearly exam. The way you physically feel deeply impacts your relationships as well. How so?

When you feel good physically, you are a better family member, a better spouse, a better parent, a better employee or employer. If you could put a dollar amount on all of these relationships combined, what would it be? This is what you should consider when you examine what your physical health is worth.

Our physical health is priceless. That fact is more evident now in 2023 than it has ever been before. Our bodies' health impacts our self confidence, decision making, work ethic, sleep, and even spiritual and emotional well being.

So when you are trying to find the right health practitioner, why would you let insurance limitations dictate who you can see? Why would you go the cheapest route? As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for."

At FIT Colorado, we have made the conscious choice to take the road less traveled and stay out of the insurance game. It means that we don't see as many patients but that improves our quality of care and quality of life as practitioners. Your health provider's health effects your health believe it or not!

Would you want to see someone who is overwhelmed, rushed, and short on time? That is what often happens in the busy, insurance-based clinics. Or would you rather go to someone who can take the time to listen to you and provide the interventions that are necessary for optimal health.

Now again, ask yourself, "What is my health worth to me AND those who depend on me?" Now that broader question really pulls together the relationship that are involved. So as you begin the new year, make simple changes. Make lasting changes. Sometimes those changes are very costly but it is well worth it. Look at the value of your health differently than you have before as it effects those around you too. Find a health team that will keep your best interest in mind.

- Dr. Meredith Bremner, DPT

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