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Manual Therapy

Specializing in orthopedic Physical Therapy and treatment for the Fitness Athlete

There are times when exercise, stretching, lifting, and healthy lifestyle habits just aren't enough. You need help working through the stiff and sore areas or specific strengthening with hands-on techniques. Manual therapy consists of a combination of timeless techniques that your therapist will use to improve your tissue health and therefore, your movement.  Manual therapy can include:


  • Join Mobilization

  • Thrust manipulation

  • Soft Tissue Massage

  • Passive Range of motion

  • Passive Stretching

  • Foam Rolling and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

After manual therapy you may be slightly sore but should have improvement in motion and an increased ability to perform those all-important functional movements that we need to live healthy lifestyles.

For the athletes out there, if you are struggling with your squat depth, shoulder range of motion, overhead lift, front rack position, hip pain with running, you need to get after it with manual therapy. 

As we know, you are only as good as your mobility ... you are only as strong as your positioning will allow.  Book today to start crushing your goals! 

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