Physical Therapy Near Me

Fit Colorado Physical Therapy Near Me Specializes in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Rehabilitation.

Our physical fitness can define how we go through life. When we struggle with rehabilitation, age-related issues, or even chronic pains, it can be hard to feel like we are living with optimal functionality. While we all have unique issues that we must face, assistance through the best physical therapy near me can provide the support and relief necessary to make giant improvements.

For individuals looking to rehabilitate an injury, return to sports, or even find assistance with wheelchair posture and positioning, Fit Colorado Physical Therapy can help.

Optimize Your Fitness Today With a Consultation at Fit Colorado Physical Therapy

As Colorado's premier performance specialists, Fit Colorado Physical Therapy is uniquely focused on providing therapeutic services and rehabilitative offerings that help. From students to aspiring athletes and from centennials to first-time gym-goers, there is a path forward to health and wellness available to you!

To better engage with an action plan that works best for you, here is how Fit Colorado Physical Therapy can assist!

  • Performance Consultation - Before taking any further steps in booking a service, we must come to understand what our fitness and nutrition limitations are. After a free consultation from Dr. Meredith Bremner of Fit Colorado Physical Therapy, we can begin exploring action plans that work best for us.

  • Therapeutic Offerings - Depending on the action plan that works best, there are a variety of potential therapeutic offerings available. Dr. Meredith Bremner specializes in sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation. Her special focus includes spinal pathology and scoliosis, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and arthritis.

  • Private Coaching - For the gym-goer that needs support and guidance, private coaching is the right service to sign up for. With private coaching, clients can focus on their personal needs with immediate support from a trained professional.


When it comes time to optimize our body's functionality, call the team at Fit Colorado Physical Therapy to learn more!