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Parallel Lines


"The long term goal is fitness, we use innovation and therapy to get you there." 


Fitness does not come quickly or easily.  It is a lifestyle that requires consistent work and self sacrifice.  However, it should not result in pain and injury and that is where good coaching and accountability comes in.  Our FIT Colorado Team knows and lives out the lifestyle of healthy choices and we are driven to pass those secrets on to our client and community.  Come get FIT with us to live your best Colorado lifestyle! 




INDIVIDUAL - Training programs designed to improve your general strength, conditioning, and improve your movement patterns.  We use a state of the art, private functional fitness gym that is equipt with everything you need to improve your overall health.  Our personal trainers are experience and qualified to safely challenge and inspire you.  See our bios to find the right trainer for your needs! 


​Small Group Training - This is a great way to get a few friends together to work toward a common goal and results in a fun, upbeat session that you won't ever want to skip!  Contact website to see coach availability. 

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