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Rest and Recover

Includes Cupping, Massage, Stretching, Dry Needling.
Whatever you need to get back to your Colorado Lifestyle!

We all have seen images of athletes who have had cupping and were left with large, purple polka-dot like patterns on their skin.  But there are many techniques that can be used with cupping to change the muscle tone and soft tissue.  Cupping therapy is the application of plastic or glass cups on soft tissues to apply negative pressure (the opposite of massage) to improve blood flow, tissue extensibility leading to decreased pain and improved movement.  The cups can also be applied with active or passive movement to improve muscle function and activation. 


Dr. Meredith has made rest and recovery easily accessible for the person needing preventative and maintenance body work.  Schedule a 30 minute manual therapy appointment under Rest and Refresh and Dr. Meredith will utilize cupping, dry needling, passive stretching, and other strategies to help you get back to your Colorado lifestyle!





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