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Bike FIT

The All-Important Positioning of the Engine on the Machine!

The bike is one of the most efficient machines ever created and you are the engine!  How you are positioned on your machine effects your efficiency, comfort, and performance.  No matter what level of cyclist you are, a professional bike fit can help with the following: 

  • Maximize your power output and efficiency

  • Improve your comfort in the saddle 

  • Decrease tension in your back and neck

  • Prevent and resolve pain in the hands, wrist, and legs

  • Improve your ability to enjoy long rides without tension and pain

  • Assess your current equipment and provide recommendations for solutions

Dr. Meredith Bremner is trained is bike fitting and was also a competitive cyclist racing both nationally and internationally.  She brings her experience as an athlete along with her understanding of the human body to provide you with the optimal positioning to maximize your time on the bike.  There are so many great days to ride in Colorado and scheduling a bike fit from a Doctor of Physical Therapy will help get you out there!  Schedule online today!

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